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  1. Why Use A Travel Agent?  

Why Use A Travel Agent?

And more specifically, why use us?


It’s a question we hear all the time, and it’s a good one really. Aren’t the days of the travel agent over? Can’t I just book online? Wouldn’t using a travel agent just cost me more money? All of these are very good questions, but the answers may surprise you. The fact of the matter is, there are a plethora of reasons to use a vacation specialist for all of your travel needs. All of which help to save you time, money, and stress while adding real value to your vacation from your personal vacation specialist. So here are the reasons you should leave it up to us for your next trip:


We Do Not Cost More Or Charge A Service FeeThis to me is one of the best parts about being a travel agent. Our family owned agency has made the choice not to charge a service fee and therefore we do not cost any extra to our clients. We are paid by the vendors, not you, so we can give you unbiased opinions at no extra charge.


Did Somebody Say Unbiased? – Yes, and this is a HUGE benefit to using a travel agent. We work for YOU and have your best interest in mind. We do not work for any specific vendors and have the freedom to find the best deals no matter where they come from. We research information specific to you and find the best rates, itinerary, and accommodations that are right for you.


First-Class Personal Service – At the end of the day, we are here to spoil you as much as we can. We want to get to know our clients personally, know what they want in a vacation, and deliver it to them on a silver platter. We are here day and night for questions, help, and opinions. We take pride in ensuring our clients are taken care of throughout their entire vacation.


Exclusive Offers & Promotions – Not only do we have all of the vendor rates and promotions, but because our parent company is World Travel Holdings, we also have access to specially negotiated rates, additional offers, and exclusive promotions that often times can combine with vendor promos. That means additional savings for you. We will work tirelessly to save you money and add as much value to your vacation as we possibly can.


Cruise Price-Drop Guarantee – Here is one of those exclusive offers… For our cruise-goers, we offer a special service where we monitor cruise fares for any price drops, even after you’ve booked. That way, if a price drops or a better promotion comes available, we instantly get a notification and can take advantage of the better deal (as long as it is outside of the cruise lines cancellation period). We are one of the only travel agency that proactively offer this service and this is just another way we put our customers first at no additional charge.


Saving You Time – Our hope is to take the hassle out of traveling. We’ll do all of the leg work for you. We work to match your needs with the right vacation and send you the best value options so you don’t have to go through the hundreds of thousands of options that are available on the market. Let us use our expertise to dig through all of the “deals” that are out there and see which are really worth it to you.


Our Knowledge & Expertise – This is another big one… Traveling isn’t only our full time job, it’s our life! If we haven’t already been there, we likely know somebody who has. Pair this with constantly updating our product knowledge through continuing education (product & destination seminars, tradeshows, seminars at sea, site inspections, past booking experience), our professional relationships with vendors, and valuable client feedback, we can offer insider tips and advice and handle all of the arrangements so you can focus on enjoying your getaway.


Having Someone To Come To The Rescue – Our first-class customer service doesn’t just stop once you book. We are available once you are on your trip and beyond! If anything should go wrong during your trip, you can rely on us to do everything we can do to help. You have our number to call to help you deal with any travel emergency you may have, and if there isn’t much we can do from here, we will put you in touch with the right local people to come to your aid.


The truth is, there are so many valuable reasons to use a travel agent for all of your travel needs, all at no cost to you. The days of the travel agent have been renewed with more ways of saving you time, money, and stress. So instead of asking yourself, why use a travel agent, the real question is, why not?